Junk removal is a waste management service which includes the collection, transport, and disposal of junk. As well as the company can donate and recycle unused stuff.

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whether you’re getting ready to relocate your business, renovating your house or even just tidying up your residential, one of the biggest and most time wasting problems is removing the junk that you don’t exactly need but at the same time you still want to dispose it in a safe method, that’s where we come in, leave it all to us because we promise you that at the end of the day the only finger you would be lifting is the one pointing to the junk.

Junk removal is everything related to removing:

General Electronics
Old Furniture
Bedroom Accessories
Construction Waste
Scrap Metal
General Trash
Backyard Appliances & Accessories
And much more

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Appliances & accessories

Is your home overflowed with trash and excess belongings? Our experts can remove all kinds of junk and debris from your house and yard. We'll handle your cleanup project so you can spend more free time hanging out with your friends and family. Service medix provides a safe and eco-friendly plan to remove old appliances, we can make sure that the working appliances will be donated and the unusable ones will be recycled.



Have you ever wanted to replace your old furniture but simply didn’t have the time or manpower to do it? Or have you recently bought a new set of furniture, only to have the old one sit around the house and collect dust? Our company can remove old furniture and donate them if they are in a good condition, as well as replacing it with furniture of your choosing.


Scrap metal

Scrap metal is regularly underestimated and considered as a safe object to grip, but would you be surprised if I tell you that you are one cut away from having at least an infection? And that’s only the best case scenario, scrap metal should be handled with proper care, our company can remove any type of metal (zinc, copper, aluminum...). Service medix ensures that our team will properly dispose these metals at a recycling Scrap Yard.


Construction Waste

Even though you may be a construction pro, you might still find it difficult to get rid of the debris left over after the job is complete. Whether you are doing demolition, remodeling, or construction, Service medix provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly construction waste disposal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of the debris after the project is complete.


Electronic waste

Electronic waste is any sort of an electronic product with a finished useful life. At service medix we are committed to helping our customers to safely and properly dispose all electronic waste. Don’t risk your health by doing simple chores such as lifting and moving your electronic waste. Get our team to do it!


Property Cleanout Services

Are you too busy to clear your property? or it is too much work to clean it all alone? We provide professional property cleanout, rental property cleanouts, and foreclosure cleanout services to homeowners, property managers, landlords, and many more. We are licensed to perform professional property cleanout services.

Benefits of hiring service medix to remove your junk


Proper disposal and recycling: our company can donate the junk that is usable, as well as recycling items in order to maintain a green company.


Health and safety: Some wastes contain toxic chemicals that Affordable prices: If you have a house full of junk, our company can send only the right kind of junk removal service to clear it out and stil


you don’t want to be near of, you can call our company to remove it with its professional equipment and hands.


Efficiency and peace of mind: We are a completely safe and green-friendly company, and we will make sure that we will handle your wastes in the safest and most environmental approach possible, so you won’t have to worry about the disposal.


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